• Jun 23, 2016

ENGIE Selects C3

Fortune Global 500, ENGIE, is using C3.ai as the technology foundation for its enterprise-wide transformation plan. ENGIE will enable its long-term digital strategy with C3.ai’s Platform, pre-built SaaS applications, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to develop and deploy custom applications across multiple project implementations spanning all of ENGIE’s 24 business units worldwide.

“The objective of ENGIE Digital is to create a platform that allows all our entities to create software using the same code, so to make them compatible…an environment in which business entities will continue to develop software by themselves, but with a bigger capacity to extend the power of those software once they are designed, and eventually connect them together. That is ENGIE Digital.
For this we have signed partnerships with leaders in their sectors, such as C3.ai.”
Isabelle Kocher, CEO, ENGIE
“Digital is inseparable from our business. Digital is major to make the solutions of the future arise. Digital will become totally crucial, as important as the oxygen we breathe.”
“Digital is much more than technology. Digital is a new kind of intelligence, a new way of thinking, a new working approach, a new way of interacting with external world. So, mastering the digital environment is crucial.”
“We have decided to invest massively in digital and in technology. Why? Because only a small part of the technologies that will make this new energy world already exist.”
“The key point is that we can be at the forefront of what is being prepared for the coming technologies generation. At the forefront does not mean alone. The world we are going to is partnership-based, open. So this dynamic of innovation is partnership-based and is sustained by open platforms….ENGIE Digital is not a closed initiative, it’s a partnership initiative.”
“I would like to thank our friends from C3.ai…. you are a key partner for us. Thank you for working with us in order to set up this very important digital factory.”
Isabelle Kocher, CEO, ENGIE
“I am very pleased to welcome to our ecosystem of strategic partners, an important firm, C3.ai… ENGIE is using the C3 Platform as one of the main planks in our digital transformation initiative.”
“In our business in Energy, it is by using this kind of technology that we have the ability to detect failures before they occur. This is extremely important for our business, with a very strong economical lever: because having a plant that is available for an extra 3% of the time, it is a considerable industrial and financial lever.”
“What is news is the ability to correlate and cross analyze the industrial stuff coming from SCADA networks, from machines, with unstructured data from other systems and sources, and through machine learning techniques, improve and predict things. We manage very large power plants, pipelines, energy terminals huge billion dollar assets, so saving even 1% in uptime is huge.”
“We’ve been working really hard. We launched this about 2 months ago. Sixty days and we’re up and running…we have a lot of projects. All of our units have volunteered to develop new exciting software and we’re all looking forward to this journey. This is an important day for ENGIE.”
Yves Le Gelard, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, ENGIE