How Generative AI Enables Corporate Reporting for ESG

2023 was considered by many to be the year of generative AI. It was also the year of ground-breaking ESG regulatory announcements impacting corporations, including the launch of the long-awaited IFRS ISSB standards and the signing of two pioneering California bills, SB-253 and SB-261. In this joint article, ESG Book and C3 AI provide a roundup of key 2023 ESG regulatory announcements worldwide and examples of AI use cases that corporations can leverage to facilitate compliance and generate new sources of strategic insight.

Generative AI use cases covered in the article include:

  • Drafting questionnaire responses and natural language summaries
  • Continuous stakeholder materiality analysis to improve stakeholder engagement and support double materiality
  • Question and answer in natural language for interrogating and translating legalese and internal policy documents
  • Data validation and surfacing alerts on data anomalies and errors to improve audit confidence and disclosure readiness