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Baker Hughes and C3 AI

Baker Hughes, and C3 AI Announce Joint Venture to Deliver AI Solutions Across the Oil and Gas Industry

Companies will deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform and applications with combined industry and technology expertise to accelerate the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry.

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Improve Uptime, Optimize Production, and Mitigate Risk

C3 AI helps leading oil & gas companies rapidly integrate data from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks, and external providers to power machine learning models that generate predictive insights at enterprise scale. This addresses critical issues such as improving operational reliability, optimizing production, improving safety, and generating $100s of millions in value annually.

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C3.ai Predictive Maintenance

Identify high-risk assets and recommend prescriptive actions before failures occur. C3 AI Predictive Maintenance enables operators to prioritize maintenance expenditures and directly operationalize maintenance through seamless integration with existing work order management and business systems.
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C3 AI Sensor Health

Ensure the operational health and optimal deployment of IoT sensor devices with machine learning. C3 AI Sensor Health uses advanced AI/machine learning algorithms to predict sensor failures and identify sensor and network health issues with a high degree of precision.
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C3.ai Reliability

Monitor health and predict failure of systems, subsystems, assets, and components using advanced machine learning algorithms. C3 AI Reliability enhances process performance, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts production.
C3.ai Production Optimization

Enable oil and gas field engineers and operators to visualize and optimize upstream production operations. C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization generates a virtual metering network to predict network flows, back-allocate production to individual wells, and recommend operational improvements that address production and sensor issues.

Use Cases

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Identify corrosion risks, recommend inspection targets, and predict wall-loss events with recommended interventions for assets at risk. AI-enabled predictions seamlessly integrate with ionic modeling and engineering simulations to support oil & gas companies’ efforts to remain compliant with American Petroleum Institute requirements to maximize safety and prevent loss of containment incidents.

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Process Optimization

Reduce waste, maximize value-added products, and identify process degradation such as fouling and coking. Provide unit-based and plant-wide continual feedback and performance optimization recommendations based on actual operational parameters. Users can leverage recommendations that prioritize safety, production, runtime, and yield-risk issues over time horizons spanning multiple unit shutdowns, revamps, and configuration changes.

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Network and Flow Monitoring

Automate back-allocation and material-balance calculations using sensor data in an end-to-end process application. Identify operational deviations from predicted flows, generate alerts, and reduce bottlenecks. Aggregated results at the well, field, and network level enable users to automate production-loss analysis and investigate operational time-series data and events.

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Machine Vision for Safety

Detect and alert safety hazards in near real time using machine vision to analyze video and image-based data sources. Throughout upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, customers can remotely validate well-site operations security, detect asset integrity, and monitor retail safety hazards like consumer smoking behavior. Advanced object detection capabilities can be deployed on edge devices for in-field rapid processing and response time.

Address use cases with the C3 AI Suite

The C3 AI Suite is a purpose-built platform for developing and operating AI applications that address industry and company-specific use cases. It offers a cohesive, low-code/no-code development environment with a complete and comprehensive set of tools and services to design, build, deploy, and operate advanced, enterprise-scale AI applications.

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Scott Parent
Scott Parent

Scott Parent

VP, Enterprise Engineering & Technology

“What the teams found is ingestion is happening about 80% faster with about 1/10 the resources”

Lorenzo Simonelli
Lorenzo Simonelli

Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman and CEO

“Most people start off by thinking they can do it themselves. It is not easy to digitally transform. Go to the experts. C3 AI provides that expertise.”

Zvonimir Djerfi thumbnail
Zvonimir Djerfi

Zvonimir Djerfi

SVP, Commercial BHC3.ai

“In terms of developing applications, C3 AI is probably 30-40 times faster than what we have seen with others”

Dan Brennan thumbnail
Dan Brennan

Dan Brennan

COO of BakerHughesC3.ai

“The domain expertise of Baker Hughes and the technology leadership of C3 AI, specifically the C3 AI Suite, accelerates outcomes for our customers and for the market.”

Scott Fedor thumbnail
Scott Fedor

Scott Fedor

Digital Transformation Leader, Global Supply Chain

"The value of the Baker Hughes C3 AI partnership comes from the fact that we're both experts in our own domains."

Dan Jeavons

Dan Jeavons

GM Data Science

"For us, the C3 platform has been a real enabler. The technology allows us to integrate large volumes of data at scale in the cloud. And on top of that data, to integrate thousands of machine learning models, and to train them in production."

Tim Park

Tim Park

Team Lead, Processes and Equipment

"The main thing that we rely on really for C3 is being able to replicate. We make use of the C3 AI Type System, ingesting the data into the type system, allows us to run the same algorithms in many different places."

Naveen Kashyap

Naveen Kashyap

VP, Digital Innovation & Services

"The differentiator is really the model driven architecture built around C3 AI data types. It is going to simplify application development for Yokogawa while we are serving our customers."

Proven results in weeks, not years

Get insights into C3 AI’s capabilities, enterprise AI best practices, and highest-value use cases.
Gain insights into the C3 AI Suite's capabilities, its model-driven architecture, and test it against your company's sample data set.
Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with the C3 AI team to rapidly build an AI application that solves it.
Scale and deploy a tested C3 AI application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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