C3.ai CEO Thomas Siebel hosted 30 dignitaries from Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE)‚ a non-partisan‚ action-oriented organization committed to combating the economic and security threats posed by America’s dependence on oil‚ at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters on Wed.‚ April 26‚ 2017.

SAFE members‚ including Fortune 500 CEOs‚ notable government leaders‚ and significant investors‚ selected C3.ai as a lynchpin in the group’s efforts to understand cutting-edge technologies in energy and mobility – and the creators behind these innovations – to transform and strengthen economic opportunity and environmental sustainability.

“C3.ai’s work across industry sectors is a model for the sometimes unexpected ways in which innovation improves lives and societies as a whole‚” said Robbie Diamond‚ Founder‚ President‚ and CEO of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE). “C3.ai’s roots in the energy industry demonstrate an important lesson about the ability of technology to strengthen energy security and‚ in turn‚ provide a host of benefits when scaled in an informed market with an enlightened policy and regulatory framework.”

Siebel discussed C3.ai innovations in leveraging big data‚ elastic cloud computing‚ artificial intelligence‚ and machine learning to enable a new generation of predictive analytics software solutions that enhance the performance‚ reliability‚ resilience‚ and safety of industrial-scale systems‚ including the power grid.

More information about Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) is at http://secureenergy.org.