C3.ai is highlighted twice in the Aviation Week Network in June‚ first in an InsideMRO article on the future of IoT in the commercial aviation industry‚ and also in a Q&A-style interview on MRO-Network.com‚ in which Ed Abbo‚ President and CTO of C3.ai‚ describes the evolution of “connected aircraft” to “connected aviation.”

Excerpts include:

C3.ai‚ headquartered 30 mi. south of San Francisco‚ was founded in 2009 offering a number of IoT applications‚ including predictive maintenance‚ sensor network health and supply chain optimization. It has undertaken projects with airframe manufacturers and OEMs in areas such as anticipating supply chain delay‚ IoT solutions for manufacturing‚ and predictive maintenance applications across aircraft systems and line replaceable units.

Ed Abbo‚ C3.ai president and chief technical officer‚ says aviation has been proactive in IoT adoption. “Aerospace is embracing IoT as a paradigm. Adoption is being led by airframers and OEMs who understand that this technology will allow them to improve operational efficiencies and offer more competitive product service agreements that could potentially disrupt the market in their favor.”

“As fleets modernize and adopt newer aircraft that produce orders of magnitude more data‚ the need for advanced machine-learning analytics will be at the core of system characterization and performance analysis. These technologies will be essential to aircraft system anomaly-detection capabilities and vital maintenance troubleshooting efforts.”

Abbo‚ meanwhile‚ sees opportunity for C3.ai across the entire aviation value stream‚ including maintenance planning‚ and says the only impediment to greater aviation industry adoption lies within the industry itself. “The biggest hurdles to IoT adoption are the speed with which the sector is capable of embracing the amount of change that IoT technologies signify in terms of business process reengineering‚” he says. “As with other sectors‚ such as manufacturing and energy‚ innovative companies are much better positioned to take full advantage of the benefits IoT has to offer.”

Read the full article here: http://aviationweek.com/mro/iot-startups-eye-data-sensor-heavy-aviation-sector

Read the Q&A here: http://mro-network.com/analysis/2016/06/friday-s-fast-5-ed-abbo-c3-iot/12421