The C3 AI Live Product Update

March 1, 2021 | 9:00 am PDT

C3 AI is the leader in enterprise AI, a new category of enterprise software that is central to digital transformation. C3 AI enables the rapid deployment of enterprise-scale AI applications of extraordinary scale and offer significant social and economic benefit. Built over 11 years, and with an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, the C3 AI Platform and C3 AI Applications enable organizations to simplify and accelerate Enterprise AI application development, deployment, and administration.

We have received an increasing number of questions about the range of Enterprise AI platform and application software products that we offer, and the nature of the differentiation between C3 AI and other software and service providers. We invite you to a 2-hour overview of C3 AI’s application development platform and AI applications. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from C3 AI product leaders, view demos of key products in the portfolio, understand the unique advantages each product offers, and understand the product roadmap.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn about C3 AI and the role it plays in helping organizations accelerate time-to-value from AI
  • Understand the various software offerings from C3 AI, the capabilities they enable, and the planned product roadmap
  • Gain insight into the application development capabilities and tools available in the C3 AI Platform
  • See demos of the industry-specific C3 AI Applications that are helping organizations to address the highest value use cases across their value chain
  • Learn about the recently launched no-code AI application, C3 AI Ex Machina, that is helping to accelerate adoption of AI by anyone

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