C3 AI Ex Machina:
Driving Business Outcomes with No-Code AI

January 27, 2021 | 9:00 am PT

To stay competitive, organizations must develop and deploy AI-based solutions across their operations with constrained data science and IT resources. At the same time, individual analysts, operators, and subject matter experts are under increasing pressure to evolve their analytical skills to help their teams better anticipate and plan for the future. Both subject matter experts and their organizations require technology that facilitates simple and rapid use of AI models and their deployment across the organization.

Join C3 AI to learn how anyone can develop, scale, and produce AI-based insights using the latest version of C3 AI Ex Machina. It enables users to solve AI use cases without code and organizations to scale these use cases with the power of the underlying C3 AI Platform.

In C3 AI Ex Machina, anyone can:

  • Rapidly and flexibly access data on a fast, distributed, cloud-native architecture
  • Configure high-performing AI models with AutoML
  • Take action on model outputs in business applications
  • Address high-value use cases with production data, at scale

You will see examples of how analysts, engineers, and operators are becoming citizen data scientists within their organizations, using their expertise to develop AI-enabled solutions with C3 AI Ex Machina, and applying them at enterprise scale with the C3 AI Platform.


  • Andrew Wong, Systems Specialist, Consolidated Edison, Inc.
  • Houman Behzadi, President and Chief Product Officer, C3 AI
  • Mark Woollen, General Manager, C3 AI Ex Machina
  • JP Spence, Product Marketing Manager, C3 AI Ex Machina

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