Enterprise AI: Separating Reality from Hype Livestream

September 9, 2020 | 9:00 am PDT

The term “artificial intelligence” has been getting plenty of hype, especially in these challenging times. The hype has brought with it a slew of purported enterprise AI platforms, all offering the transformative powers of AI to companies. Who can you trust? How can you separate the reality from the hype?

Join IBM, Forrester, and C3 AI to learn the principles that define enterprise AI. During this livestream event, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the capabilities required in an enterprise AI offering
  • Ask the right questions to assess enterprise AI options
  • Create a roadmap to deploy this critical capability for your business
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can trap enterprises in endless trials and experiments
  • Understand how leading companies implement enterprise AI applications across their business

You will see examples of how enterprises in manufacturing, banking, and energy use enterprise AI in digitally transforming their operations.


  • Mike Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Tony Giordano, Sr. Partner & VP: Global Leader Data Platform Services, IBM
  • Ed Abbo, President & Chief Technology Officer, C3 AI

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