C3 AI Ex Machina: No-Code AI for Citizen Data Scientists

October 28, 2020 | 9:00 am PDT

The potential for artificial intelligence to improve business processes is encouraging interest amongst many managers and analysts. While there are many “no-code” tools available today that lower the barrier for citizen data scientists to use AI in day-to-day decision making, the constraining factor is often the access to relevant and normalized data.

Join C3 AI to learn about the exciting possibilities of a no-code data science product, C3 AI® Ex Machina, that simplifies access to data and enables drag-and-drop application of powerful machine learning and AI models. During this livestream event, you will learn how C3 AI Machina:

  • Connects to dozens of enterprise and extraprise data sources
  • Prepares the data for analysis, without writing any code
  • Visualizes data at every step of the workflow
  • Analyzes data using ML or AI pipelines
  • Operationalizes insights using cloud-scale

You will see examples of how enterprises in oil & gas, utilities, aerospace & defense, and banking are using C3 AI Machina to accelerate the use of AI across their organization.


  • Mark Woollen, General Manager, C3 AI Ex Machina
  • JP Spence, Product Marketing Manager, C3 AI Ex Machina

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