Optimizing Hydrocarbon Production with AI Livestream

December 16, 2020 | 9:00 am PT

Agile management of E&P assets is key to maximizing asset value, yet many organizations struggle with fragmented data that leads to sub-optimal decision making. Data across reservoir models, drilling & completion, and production operations is often incomplete, scattered across different systems, and is in different formats. Integrating this data, using virtual meters to bridge data gaps, and applying predictive analytics, has significant potential in increasing well profitability and minimizing production losses.

Join Baker Hughes and C3 AI to learn about the exciting possibilities of BHC3 Production Optimization and its comprehensive approach to AI-enabled production insights. ​During this livestream event, you will learn how BHC3 Production Optimization:

  • Aggregates all upstream production data sources into a unified data image for faster and better decision making
  • Applies supervised machine learning algorithms across surface and sub-surface networks using virtual metering
  • Implements AI-enabled back allocation of flow rate evolution to individual wells
  • Accurately forecasts production for the current month
  • Identifies and investigates production well deviations and anomalies with physical sensors

You will see examples of how large producers are using BHC3 Production Optimization to maximize production yield and recovery.


  • Hans-Christian Freitag, VP Intelligent Software Solutions, Baker Hughes
  • Binu Mathew, Chief Technology Officer, O&G Division, C3 AI
  • Philippe Wellens, Sr. Product Manager, C3 AI

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