A new four-part video series created by McKinsey & Company brings together experts from academia and industry to ponder the “Digital Future of Work.” Interviewees discuss the skills likely to be in demand and how young people today can prepare for a world in which people will interact ever more closely with machines.

The interviews were filmed in April at the Digital Future of Work Summit in New York‚ which was hosted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Other experts interviewed include NYU provost Katherine Fleming and professors Arun Sundararajan and Vasant Dhar; Anne-Marie Slaughter‚ president and CEO of New America; Jeff Wald‚ cofounder and president of WorkMarket; Allen Blue‚ cofounder of LinkedIn; Mike Rosenbaum‚ CEO of Arena; along with MGI chairman and director James Manyika and MGI partners Michael Chui and Susan Lund.

Tom Siebel also provided the keynote address at the April MGI-NYU Summit.