Nasdaq and The Montgomery Summit teamed up to present the first of its bi-coastal event series in San Francisco on Oct. 12‚ featuring industry experts and investors who are driving the fourth industrial revolution. CEO Tom Siebel was asked to give the closing keynote about the phenomenon of Digital Transformation. In a fireside chat with Jamie Montgomery‚ founder and CEO of the Montgomery Summit‚ Siebel explained that the convergence of disruptive new technologies – big data‚ cloud computing‚ AI‚ and IoT – will create a new generation of enterprise software that completely changes how products are designed‚ manufactured‚ delivered‚ and serviced‚ and how business processes are managed.

Additionally‚ Ed Abbo‚ President and CTO‚ who was featured in an onstage discussion with Forbes’ Aaron Tilley‚ described how digital transformations are playing out across every industry – including manufacturing‚ healthcare‚ financial services‚ energy‚ aerospace‚ and the public sector. The sensoring of all business value chains‚ combined with the ability to make increasingly accurate predictions from aggregated real-time and historical data‚ Abbo added‚ yields tremendous cost efficiencies‚ higher levels of customer service‚ and better run businesses.