The Wall Street Journal explains how Eversource Energy has integrated data from about a dozen legacy systems to better understand how individual customers consume electricity and natural gas. It soon hopes to start analyzing data from Internet-connected thermostats and other devices to help those customers optimize their energy use. Companies like Eversource see in this explosion of real-time data — part of the so-called Internet of Things — a way to collect and analyze more data from customers in order to improve services. Eversource worked with platform vendor to integrate the data, analyze it and make it available for customers to use. The platform uses data integration software to create a unified data image, basically a snapshot of data across all those systems at a given time. That information is correlated in a standard format, allowing Eversource to match customer information with particular meter readings, billing systems and other data. The result has been a more granular breakdown of energy use among its more than 3.6 million customers.

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