Accelerate Research with Unified, Integrated COVID-19 Data

The COVID-19 Data Lake uniquely integrates multiple data sources in a unified data model, ready for analysis – not just a list of links or a collection of data sets. Stop wasting time wrangling data and focus instead on generating insights. Access data at no charge with any utility that supports RESTful APIs. COVID-19 Knowledge Graph

The COVID-19 Data Lake pre-establishes the important linkages in the disparate COVID-19 data sets sourced from all over the globe, so that researchers can easily navigate and explore the data features that may be of interest (e.g., diagnosis, age, locale, preexisting condition, etc.) and can perform sophisticated data science on those data. a Proud Partner with

“Our goal is to make it easier for researchers, data scientists, and developers to build, train, and run custom machine learning models on massive amounts of COVID-19 data for greater and faster insights. The COVID-19 Data Lake has the potential to globally impact research efforts and speed breakthroughs to come.”

Mike Clayville

Vice President-Worldwide COmmerical Sales and BD, AWS

How to Access the COVID-19 Data Lake

Get started by downloading R and Python quickstart notebooks and access documentation for COVID-19 RESTful APIs.

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Access unified, analysis-ready COVID-19 data, at no charge