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AI-first CRM built for Telecommunications

C3 AI CRM for Telecommunications is the only AI-first CRM built for wireless operators, cable companies, and internet providers. It delivers industry-specific, AI-enabled capabilities for telecom companies and includes the comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer experience capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud. Using C3 AI CRM, telecommunications professionals grow revenues, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.


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New service adoption using AI-driven offers and marketing

AI CRM for the Digital Age

Traditional CRM applications are systems-of-record with analytic capabilities constrained by limited and often outdated data. C3 AI CRM unifies data from a broad set of enterprise and extraprise sources to create powerful new predictive insights that power telecom solutions.


Infographic of C3 AI CRM Telecommunications data architecture
Infographic of C3 AI CRM Telecommunications data architecture

AI CRM Capabilities

  • Revenue Forecasting

    Accurately forecast revenues in order to better prioritize sales efforts and improve financial planning by using AI models that look at all enterprise and extraprise data to predict which sales will close, where risks and opportunities are, why, and what can be done to address them.

  • Customer Churn Management

    Detect customer churn risks up to 90 days in advance with a 360-degree customer view, identify the drivers of churn risks, and use AI recommendations to prevent customer churn with custom offers and discounts.

  • Next Best Offer

    Identify high-potential customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities, pair customers with optimal product, service, and pricing offerings using AI, and guide customer service representatives to maximize customer lifetime value.

  • Product Forecating

    Accurately forecast demand using AI in order to improve capacity and supply chain planning, thereby minimizing inventory levels while ensuring customer needs are met.

  • Customer Engagement

    Unify customer service experiences across all channels, including call centers, website, direct mail, and email, and leverage AI models to deliver personalized messaging at the right time through the right channel.

  • Customer Activation & Onboarding

    Track customer activation from sale to installation, to ensure efficient delivery of products and services, and use AI to optimize operations and detect delays in delivery.

  • Case Management

    Manage customer service requests with end-to-end case management workflows, and use AI to proactively recommend actions to resolve cases.

  • Call Center Deflection

    Detect customer needs and complaints using AI and proactively reach out with content and assistance in order to reduce call center activity and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Bill Management

    Use AI to predict high or anomalous bills and proactively engage customers with cost management suggestions.

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