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AI-first CRM built for Utilities

C3 AI CRM for Utilities is the only AI-first CRM built for utilities, energy retailers, and energy solution companies. It delivers industry-specific, AI-enabled capabilities for utility and energy enterprises and includes the comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer experience capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud. Using C3 AI CRM, utility and energy professionals increase the success of new product and service offerings, increase distributed energy usage, improve customer service and satisfaction, and increase efficiency of power grid operations.


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Year-on-year customer engagement increase
Targeted program participation increase
Annual utility customer savings
Drop in cost-to-convert

AI CRM for the Digital Age

Traditional CRM applications are systems-of-record with analytic capabilities constrained by limited and often outdated data. C3 AI CRM unifies data from a broad set of enterprise and extraprise sources to create powerful new predictive insights that power energy industry solutions.


Infographic of C3 AI CRM Utilities data architecture
Infographic of C3 AI CRM Utilities data architecture

Highlighted Capabilities

Revenue Forecasting


As part of strategy and regulatory planning, all utilities and energy companies need to forecast revenues into the future to determine capital funding and pricing. This process relies on high-level and unsophisticated methods that lead to additional costs passed on to the end-customer.


C3 AI CRM unifies all relevant data sources, including non-traditional CRM sources (e.g., economic and financial data, supply chain, logistics, news) to generate a realistic revenue forecast along with clear details on the drivers so that organizations can build their rate cases and plan capital expansion.


With C3 AI CRM, utilities and other energy companies can more accurately set their prices and build capital plans leading to lower prices, higher revenue, improved productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.


As energy customers are presented with increasing choice in regulated markets, distributed energy technologies (e.g., solar), and intense competition in deregulated markets, energy companies do not have the information and insight to understand drivers of churn and what can be done to drive retention.


C3 AI CRM looks at all customer data beyond the CRM system including additional enterprise data (e.g., meter data, billing, call center logs) and extraprise data (e.g., weather, demographic). The solution applies AI to understand customer sentiment, determine churn risk weeks ahead of time, explain drivers of the risk, and recommend actions to retain the customer. C3 AI CRM streamlines churn management with an AI-driven workflow, starting with total revenue at risk due to churn, identifying the most critical customers to focus on and why, and explaining what can be done to save the business.


With C3 AI CRM, enterprises can prevent customer attrition and protect revenue, increase customer lifetime value, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Churn Management

Next Best Offer


Energy companies are striving to evolve into energy solution providers to meet changing customer and regulatory needs. They are looking to offer new products that include alternative tariffs, solar, storage, EVs, smart devices, payment plans, and audits. However, they lack the tools to determine which products customers want and their likelihood of buying. Marketers resort to widespread promotion with limited success.


C3 AI CRM uses integrated data from multiple sources to analyze past customer behavior, analyze energy consumption patterns, predict customer likelihood to buy a product, and present a recommended offer and action. C3 AI CRM generates timing, channel, and marketing content suggestions to help end-users build a sales and marketing strategy that then guides the presentation of the optimal offer to each customer.


With C3 AI CRM, utilities and energy companies identify the best product to offer to their customers, maximize customer lifetime value, increase product sales and program participation, and improve customer satisfaction.


Utilities and energy companies need to forecast demand/load and prices for their energy products to balance their supply, validate production plans, manage their market positions, plan capital expansion projects, and ensure continuous supply to their customers. Companies lack the necessary tools to process the complex data involved and make accurate forecasts.


C3 AI CRM integrates consumption data, weather records, weather forecasts, historical prices, and current price curves to generate accurate price and load forecasts across multiple time horizons and granularity levels.


C3 AI CRM reduces forecast error and generates accurate forecasts for utility companies, assisting their businesses by increasing savings, managing grid demand, and supporting end-to-end operations.

Energy Forecasting

Energy Management


Utility customers seek to reduce energy costs for both cost savings and environmental reasons. They find it challenging to understand their consumption patterns and identify optimization opportunities. Utilities often struggle to understand each customer’s specific goals and offer practical strategies.


C3 AI CRM supports utilities in understanding their customers’ energy efficiency needs and goals, and it provides accessible, actionable solutions to execute them. It uses machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, building optimization, demand response, and anomaly detection.


Using C3 AI CRM, customers lower costs, improve building operations, and meet shared energy-efficiency goals with customers.


Utility customers respond negatively upon receipt of an unusually large bill due to weather, a malfunctioning meter, or other unexpected events. Customers reach out to the utility via call centers or other means to discuss the bill, increasing customer support costs and rarely resulting in a satisfactory customer experience. Utilities lack the tools to predict such customer responses and optimize the customer experience.


C3 AI CRM integrates historical meter data, billing records, and customer service records to identify when bills are likely to trigger customer concerns. Customers can be proactively contacted with information and recommendations to reduce unexpected bills in the future. Anomalous readings, such as malfunctioning meters, are flagged to be resolved before unwanted bills are generated for customers.


C3 AI CRM drives improved customer satisfaction by engaging the customer with the insights that matter to them, reducing customer complaints, customer support expenses, and back billing.

Predictive Billing Management

Additional Capabilities

  • Sales & Trading

    Provide an accessible overview of a company’s supply, demand, and its outlook with integrated price curves and AI capabilities to identify opportunities and help sales and trading staff make informed decisions.

  • Product & Tariff Design & Deployment

    Design and optimize new energy rates and products, automatically assess customer value and revenue impact, and target customers most likely to buy and benefit based on AI-based targeting models.

  • 360-Degree Customer View

    Develop a single view of customers and operations across the whole energy grid by unifying all available enterprise and extraprise data in order to drive AI insights across all customer-facing operations.

  • Revenue Protection

    Analyze energy meter data and customer characteristics to identify signals of non-technical loss, determine cases of fraud, and proactively engage customers to increase revenue recovery.

  • Energy & Sustainability Management

    Monitor customer energy use and carbon emissions and provide AI-based recommendations on opportunities to reduce costs and carbon footprint in order to expand services and deepen customer relationships.

  • Customer Engagement

    Unify utility customer service experiences across all channels, including call centers, website, direct mail, and email, and deliver personalized messaging at the right time through the right channel based on AI models.

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