Optimize Field Decision-Making with Data Synthesis

C3 AI Data Fusion

C3 AI Data Fusion integrates, unifies, and de-conflicts disparate operational data sources and uses AI to enable effective and timely decision making in the field.

Data Fusion by C3 AI

Demonstrated Benefits


Processing time associated with fusion of multiple data sources


Data conflicts and anomalies


Unknown entities with AI classifiers and sensor synthesis models


Mission, effectiveness, situational awareness, and battlespace tracking

Improving Decision Making for the Operator

C3 AI Data Fusion Solution

Disparate and unconnected operating environment data sources

Unified, federated data image that traverses multiple critical data feeds

Synthesis of critical information from multiple data sources is slow

Intelligence aggregation, analytics, and monitoring accelerates data synthesis by up to 75%

Analysts do not have integrated method for updating and versioning projects

Intuitive interface offers integrated data versioning tools for analysts to ensure latest data updates are persisted

Inaccurate status and location of battlefield assets

AI-enabled Aided Target Detection, Recognition (AiDTR) algorithms provide accurate operational picture

Building a comprehensive record on hierarchical equipment is time-consuming

Scenario simulation and optimization creates test scenarios for models to train on, significantly reducing target identification time

Customer Viewpoints

Todd Probert

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"C3 AI has been a great partner in our endeavor to use AI and ML to make sense of the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield."

Christopher Worley thumbnail
Christopher W.

Christopher W.

Director, Digital Innovation

“The best thing that we've seen from a C3 is the intuitive nature and the ease of use of the platform.”

Eric Grant Thumbnail
Erik G.

Erik G.

Business Area Chief Engineer

“C3 AI has a mature product that's already proven itself in the commercial market.”

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