C3 Energy ManagementTM

AI-enabled energy management and optimization to help facility managers reduce energy costs and improve building operations

C3 Energy Management

C3 Energy Management™ utilizes AI-based algorithms to help enterprises optimize facility operations and prioritize actions to reduce costs. The application provides tools and insights to engage occupants, model building operations, predict energy savings opportunities, and take action in near real-time. C3 Energy Management can be easily configured with different analytics, user interfaces, and data sources for specific user personas, business requirements, and facility operations.

C3 Energy Management integrates data from multiple sources including energy and operational data, telemetry signals from building systems, and third-party data such as building audits and weather. This unified image enables multi-dimensional energy analysis, predictive analytics, building optimization, and anomalous performance monitoring. C3 Energy Management processes this data in near real-time, performing continuous analyses, generating insights, and pushing recommendations directly to building equipment.


  • Achieve energy cost reductions of 15-30% using predictive analytics and optimization
  • Generate more accurate demand forecasts with tailored machine learning analytics that achieve greater than 80% accuracy
  • Increase capital investment ROI by using centralized energy project management tools and optimizing the utilization of installed building and energy systems (e.g., solar, smart lighting, storage, EVs).
  • Automate facility management with streaming analytics and AI-algorithms that predict loads to dynamically optimize building operations
  • Improve reliability by integrating on-site power, predicting peak and outage events, and optimizing demand across buildings
  • Streamline reporting for quarterly/annual reviews and financial audits
  • Rapidly deploy and configure solutions using self-service tools for AI, analytics, dashboards, and data integrations

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business value


  • Facility operators can automatically manage and optimize their building operations in real-time using AI
  • Business executives can achieve their sustainability objectives by reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact
data sources


  • Meter Data and Utility Billing Systems (energy usage, billing profile data)
  • Building Management Systems (e.g., HVAC operations, factory machine hours and other telemetry)
  • Building Sensor Network data (e.g., lighting sensors, occupancy sensors)
  • External Data (e.g., weather, benchmark data across asset types)


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C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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