C3 Energy ManagementTM

Reduce building operating expenditure using AI / machine learning algorithms that detect and act on savings opportunities

C3 Energy Management

C3 Energy Management leverages AI / machine learning to proactively identify energy savings opportunities and automatically take real-time action to help large commercial and industrial enterprise customers reduce energy costs. The application's AI / machine learning algorithms analyze multiple types of data, including energy consumption data, building operating data, sensor data, and weather forecasts to provide predictions on energy usage and costs, peak demand events, anomalous activity, and other cost reduction opportunities.

C3 Energy Management's AI / machine learning algorithms are dynamic and learn over time to adapt continuously to changing building operations. The application allows facility operators to move beyond conventional investigative analysis and rule-based alerts into proactive and automated building management.

Key Functionality

  • Usage and bill forecasting with AI / machine learning algorithms
  • Anomaly detection to automatically find operating variations from normal
  • Real-time and predictive alerts on immediate energy savings opportunities
  • Energy analysis tools such as portfolio benchmarking, building and portfolio data visualization, and energy end-use disaggregation
  • Project Analyzer enabling creation, prioritization, implementation, and verification of energy efficiency measures
  • Facility Manager tracking details of each facility, including building type, gross floor area, and energy saving measures
  • Compare facilities against industry standards or against each other based on a range of performance indicators

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business value


  • Facility operators can automatically manage and optimize their building operations in real-time using AI
  • Business executives can achieve their sustainability objectives by reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact
data sources


  • Meter Data and Utility Billing Systems (energy usage, billing profile data)
  • Building Management Systems (e.g., HVAC operations, factory machine hours and other telemetry)
  • Building Sensor Network data (e.g., lighting sensors, occupancy sensors)
  • External Data (e.g., weather, benchmark data across asset types)


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C3 provides trials of the C3 Applications, C3 Platform, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3 professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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