C3 Predictive MaintenanceTM

Use machine learning algorithms integrated with business processes to prioritize equipment maintenance and maximize uptime

C3 Predictive Maintenance

C3 Predictive Maintenance goes beyond traditional rule-based systems by using AI / machine learning to identify failures proactively. Its algorithms analyze all relevant information including sensor data, SCADA data, asset management systems, plus structured and unstructured data such as technician notes, and external data sources such as weather.

C3 Predictive Maintenance is capable of predicting failure significantly in advance of legacy rule-based systems, with higher precision and recall. The application's AI / machine learning algorithms are dynamic and learn over time, adapting to emerging failure modes. It also can use unsupervised AI / machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies across all datasets – allowing operators to intercept unusual operating modes.

Key Functionality

  • AI / machine learning based risk scores
  • Real time asset monitoring
  • Long-term asset risk assessment
  • Asset-to-subsystem drilldown capable
  • Rotating, fixed, mobile, and linear assets
  • Streamlined business rule implementation
  • Bi-directional work flow management

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business value


  • Reduced downtime from early identification and resolution of equipment at high risk of failure.
  • Reduced operational costs by shifting reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • Streamlined workflow by defining maintenance packages that enable maintenance planners to effectively bundle high priority work and schedule it at the right time in the equipment operating cycle
  • Reduced capital expenditures by driving asset replacement decisions using asset risk scores
  • Reduced inventory costs by anticipating the need for replacement parts
data sources


  • Equipment Asset Management (EAM) Systems
  • Machine control outputs, operating sensors and remote telemetry
  • Legacy data historians holding equipment sensor recordings and controller alarms
  • Work Management Systems with complete asset maintenance intervention history
  • Inventory Management System providing visibility into equipment spare part availability
  • Planning Systems depicting future asset utilization requirements


Turnkey Projects in 8 to 12 Weeks

C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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