C3 AI Fraud Detection

Identify fraud due to energy theft

C3 AI Fraud Detection

Identify fraud due to identity theft

C3 AI Fraud Detection

Identify fraud due to illegal healthcare claims

C3 AI Fraud Detection

Identify fraud due to employee misconduct

Identify Fraudulent Actors and Safeguard Revenues

C3 AI® Fraud Detection pinpoints patterns in event data streams that identify revenue leakage or maintenance and safety issues so investigation teams can act upon a single, continuously updated, and prioritized queue of leads.

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Executive dashboard

Access a summary of the work queue, operational performance, prioritized leads, and geospatial view of occurrences of theft or other loss.
Loss detection analytics

Loss detection analytics

Detect physical and informational breaches and correlate unusual customer patterns with device diagnostics and operations to identify non-technical loss.
Advanced pipeline management

Advanced pipeline management

Identify and prioritize high-value and high-likelihood leads with increasing precision based on historical confirmed instances of theft or other loss.
Integration management

Investigation management

Monitor and analyze identified leads, investigations in the field, and completed investigations, and review results.
Revenue reporting and monitoring

Revenue reporting and monitoring

Present analyses and summarize results using preformatted and custom reports, including loss analysis, identified and realized value, and financial performance against budget.


Rosalba Russo
Rosalba Russo

Rosalba Russo

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Fabio Veronese

Fabio Veronese

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Analyze multiple data systems including customer data, network anomalies, previous work activity, device telemetry, billing and payment history, and top-line reports.


Quickly identify instances of revenue loss with dashboards showing the location, details, likelihood, and estimated value of theft cases.


Pinpoint non-technical loss with machine learning algorithms that correlate prior issues of loss and theft with near real-time updates to provide the most accurate predictions of ongoing malfeasance.


Assign prioritized leads to field investigation teams to confirm and resolve theft and loss cases.


Increase the accuracy of lead prioritization to identify and track new modes of theft using validated field investigation results.


Forecast the financial impact of identified and verified cases to field and office operations.


Enhance revenue recovery by identifying high-likelihood and high-value fraud detection leads, and continuously improve the quality of leads over time.


Reduce investigation and case review costs through accurate issue identification, rapid prioritization, efficient investigation scheduling, and robust reporting capabilities.

Data Sources

By analyzing data from multiple systems and applying advanced machine learning algorithms, C3 AI Fraud Detection detects non-technical loss, quantifies the amount of revenue and loss at stake, and prioritizes leads for investigation.

Model-driven architecture for C3 AI Fraud Detection

C3 AI Fraud Detection tracks and manages leads through the entire life cycle of investigation, confirmation, and closure so that investigators can identify trends and develop long-term revenue assurance plans.

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