Datanami editor Alex Woodie published his interview with CEO Thomas Siebel. In a wide-ranging discussion‚ Siebel provides his perspective on’s mission‚ how the C3 Platform differs from alternative technologies‚ why IoT will be bigger than CRM‚ and the power of big data‚ predictive analytics‚ and IoT applications to provide tremendous economic and social benefit.

“The problems that we’re addressing today are really enormously exciting‚” said Siebel during the interview.

“I’ve been in the information technology business now for four decades. I’ve lived through minicomputers and mainframe computers and personal computing and enterprise computing and relational database technology‚ the Internet‚ the cloud. When I think of IoT and predictive analytics and big data‚ it looks like an entire replacement market for everything that’s taken place in enterprise application software.”

“We built something quite unique that allows people to deploy an application like this at least 10 times faster than any other alternative‚ and maybe infinitely faster‚ at a tenth of the cost.”

“We’re here to build a great company. Our goal is we’re going to establish and maintain a market leadership position globally in the space for these types of systems.”

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