Six months ago‚ C3 Energy‚ the IoT platform provider that enterprise software pioneer Tom Siebel launched in 2009‚ broadened its focus beyond the energy market. IOT Journal spoke with him about the transition and why he thinks every system—even the human body—is becoming part of the Internet of Things.

Jun 16‚ 2016—Silicon Valley stalwart Tom Siebel has spent four decades developing enterprise software‚ beginning as an early executive at Oracle and later founding CRM software company Siebel Systems‚ which Oracle acquired in 2006. In 2009‚ he launched C3 Energy in order to help utility companies and grid operators better manage data and systems as they transition to smart grid technology. As such‚ C3 Energy was an Internet of Things company before such a term was in wide use.

Earlier this year‚ with nearly two dozen clients under its belt‚ C3 Energy relaunched itself as While its core software platform remains largely the same‚ has a much wider purview‚ serving oil and gas‚ manufacturing‚ transportation‚ financial services and other industries.

IOT Journal spoke with Siebel about his company‚ how the IoT is evolving across all value chains and why heart attacks are really just another problem that can be solved with predictive maintenance.

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