March 31, 2020

Silicon Valley Helping Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tom Siebel on NBC Bay Area

As more healthcare workers are struggling to find more ventilators and masks, Silicon Valley executives and venture capitalists are working to help.

They are focused on putting money and tools to work to make ventilators and masks for those in the front lines of COVID-19 — all being fast-tracked by 3D printers and tech money.

“This is really the power of the hive, the power of volunteers,” said Angel investor Shervin Pishevar, who is organizing a network to dedicate 200 3D printers to make ventilators and masks.

“What we’ve designed is the beginnings of a 3D printable ventilator, we have a face shield that we’ve designed, and within 48 hours we have the prototype,” he said.

Meanwhile, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk collects and distributes ventilators, other tech companies, universities and politicians all organized by Silicon Valley billionaire Tom Siebel, are using money and artificial intelligence to fight the virus.

“What is really important right now other than COVID-19? Let’s get all this talent, all this energy, all this intellect, and devote these resources to the most critical problem that we’re facing,” Siebel said.

They are using that intelligence to track the disease and where best to allocate resources.

“We have really high levels of enthusiasm on the part of all the participants,” Siebel said.

Pishevar said he hopes to get thousands of masks printed in the next several weeks.

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