Redwood City‚ Calif. – May 3‚ 2016 – data scientist and machine learning expert Henrik Ohlsson‚ Ph.D.‚ led a panel discussion on cloud computing and big data analytics for large-scale enterprise IoT systems at the 4th ACCESS Industrial Workshop 2016 held this week in Stockholm.

The workshop brings together renowned experts from industry and academia to discuss challenges‚ trends‚ and opportunities associated with cloud computing and the future of information and communications technologies (ICT). In addition to’s Ohlsson‚ speakers and panelists include business and academic leaders from Cisco‚ Ericsson Research‚ IBM‚ KTH‚ and the University of Waterloo.

A recognized authority in machine learning‚ time series analysis‚ and mathematical modeling and its application to energy and industrial systems‚ Ohlsson has worked at the intersection of machine learning‚ automatic control‚ system identification‚ and energy for more than 10 years. He has published more than 70 papers in international journals‚ presented at conferences‚ and received several academic awards.

On the occasion of the 4th Industrial Workshop‚ ACCESS (Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks‚ Signals‚ and Systems) celebrates its 10th anniversary. Launched in 2006‚ the ACCESS Linnaeus Centre is one of northern Europe’s largest research centers for future networked systems. It brings together 160 researchers from electrical engineering‚ computer science‚ and mathematics in order to carry out long-term interdisciplinary research and join PhD education on complex networked communication systems.