Aligned Automation, Infosys, EPAM Systems, Wipro, KBC, Akselos, and Databricks bring their diverse expertise to the ecosystem

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 3, 2022 – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced that seven new members will join the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of AI-based solutions for the energy and process industries. Aligned Automation, Infosys, EPAM Systems, Wipro, KBC, Akselos, and Databricks have all signed onto the program, each bringing unique experience that will elevate the entire ecosystem.

“The OAI is providing the energy industry with the best enterprise AI software, accelerating energy and climate security,” said Ed Abbo, C3 AI President and CTO. “These new members significantly expand the available solutions, helping the energy industry optimize production, reduce costs, and accelerate energy transition.”

Launched by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft in February 2021, the OAI provides an open framework for energy operators, service and equipment providers, and independent software vendors for energy operations to offer interoperable solutions, powered by the BHC3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure. These vendors join Cenosco, Kongsberg Digital, and MathWorks who are already contributing members of the OAI.

“It’s great to see the OAI continuing to grow and adding these members will let us deliver even more value to both contributors and customers,” said Dan Jeavons, Vice President Computational Science and Digital Innovation at Shell.

Current OAI vendors offer capabilities under the following categories: system integrator, asset and system reliability, data integration, data science tools, and plant and facility optimization. With the addition of these new members, a new category, modeling and simulation, will be added.

Aligned Automation, Infosys, Wipro, and EPAM Systems are joining as system integrators, which provide services and trained personnel for delivery of OAI solutions to customers.

KBC and Akselos are joining as members in the new modeling and simulation category; KBC, a Yokogawa company, will offer process simulation modeling software and Akselos will provide physics-based simulation capabilities for use in operations. All these software solutions can be augmented and enhanced by AI capabilities provided by existing OAI partners.

Databricks is signing on in the data integration category, offering their Delta Lake, an infrastructure capability that provides an open-format storage layer for data lakes and is the foundation of a lakehouse architecture.

The OAI is open to new members, both contributors and customers. To learn more about how the OAI is providing customers with value, read the OAI case studies.