Plenary Address Encourages Development of Smart Policy to Support Full Range of Benefits Resulting from Technological Transformation of Power Grid

C3 Energy CEO Thomas M. Siebel was the invited plenary keynote speaker today at the 2015 NASEO Annual Meeting‚ hosted by the National Association of State Energy Officials in San Diego. During his remarks‚ Siebel examined the evolution of the energy market‚ explained the impact of next-generation technology on the industry‚ and urged attendees to support policies that will enable utilities and consumers to benefit fully from the technological revolution now underway.

Siebel explained how the power grid is becoming sensored‚ connected‚ and smarter to the tune of nearly $2 trillion in global investments this decade. As the energy ecosystem evolves‚ technology advancements in data analytics‚ cloud computing‚ and machine learning are enhancing the safety‚ reliability‚ resilience and environmental integrity of power generation and delivery. Siebel noted‚ these advancements are providing efficiencies and improvements across the energy value chain that were difficult to imagine even a few years ago.

“The increased use of technology and interconnectivity have radically changed the way we deliver‚ use‚ and understand energy. This technological transformation is the central focus of our 2015 Annual Meeting and a major priority among our members‚” said David Terry‚ NASEO’s executive director. “Throughout his career‚ Tom Siebel has been a pioneer and visionary for energy analytics‚ making him the ideal opening keynote speaker for our conference. Our attendees benefited greatly from hearing Tom’s insights on how to advance important clean energy policies and initiatives back home.”

The 2015 NASEO Annual Meeting brought together 56 state and territory energy officials and their private sector partners to discuss smart energy policies‚ clean tech investment‚ and the cloud economy‚ as well as the cutting-edge technologies and policy strategies states are using to drive innovation‚ accelerate economic growth‚ and promote intelligent energy efficiency.