Redwood City‚ Calif. – Sept. 13‚ 2017 – CEO and Silicon Valley icon Thomas M. Siebel was a featured speaker at the 7th Annual Delivering Alpha Conference‚ the incomparable “who’s who” of the investor community‚ held in New York City.

CNBC anchor Jon Fortt hosted a fireside chat with Siebel and Jim Breyer‚ founder and CEO of Breyer Capital. Siebel described how AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving a new class of enterprise software applications that change everything about the way products are designed‚ delivered‚ and manufactured and business processes are managed. Siebel highlighted that CEOs around the world are demanding digital transformation across industry sectors‚ including manufacturing‚ automotive‚ aerospace‚ energy‚ healthcare‚ travel‚ and transportation. He concluded that enterprises that fail to transform may cease to exist.

Citing the McKinsey Global Institute‚ Siebel explained how AI and IoT are restructuring the economy 100 times faster than the industrial revolution with 30 times more change. “That’s 3000 times greater impact!” Siebel continued.

Additionally‚ Fortt hosted Siebel on “Squawk Alley‚” CNBC’s technology news show featuring prominent players at the intersection of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Siebel said the sensoring of all business value chains brings cost efficiencies‚ higher levels of customer service‚ and better run businesses.