• Forbes
  • Aug 23, 2017

How Tom Siebel Applies a Lifetime of Learning at C3

By Dan Woods

Forbes contributing author Dan Woods has published the first in a series of articles capturing his recent conversation with C3.ai CEO Thomas Siebel.

The first article, How Tom Siebel Applies A Lifetime Of Learning At C3.ai, summarizes Siebel’s perspective on the history and present state of enterprise software.

Article excerpts include:

  • At C3.ai, we’re taking a step function of game changing technology – elastic cloud computing, big data, new social human computer interaction models, the Internet of Things, and AI – and pointing it at a new problem associated with predictive analytics, which is an entirely different way to think about computing. It’s really quite exciting.
  • One of the biggest technology vectors this century is the sensoring of value chains; that is, adding a level of detailed instrumentation never before possible or affordable. Automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, travel/transportation – all of these value chains are being sensor-enabled so that the devices in the value chain are becoming remotely machine-addressable at very, very fine levels of granularity.
  • Take the power grid. We moved from the grid to the smart grid. The amount being spent this decade to sensor just that value chain is $2 trillion dollars worldwide. When you sensor one of these value chains, the amount of data increases by, in this case, nine orders of magnitude.
  • You can’t process that data using twentieth-century computation and communication technology. You need the elastic cloud. You need big data. You need AI.
  • We’re basically engaging in an entirely different type of computing associated with predictive analytics that was heretofore impossible. We can predict with high levels of precision, 80% or 90% precision, events that were heretofore unpredictable, like device failure, disease onset, and heart failure.


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