On Nov. 1‚ C3.ai CEO Tom Siebel appeared on Bloomberg Technology TV to discuss the IoT market with host Emily Chang. Their discussion ranged from the hype and reality of the Internet of Things‚ to C3.ai’s early leadership position in this dynamic market‚ to the benefits of cloud computing in an era of increasing cybersecurity threat.

Siebel’s observations include:

  • “It is clear that the next generation of computing is all about smart connected devices and the Internet of Things. This is an entire replacement market for enterprise software.”
  • “All value chains are being sensored: healthcare‚ financial services‚ telecommunications‚ transportation‚ the energy industry‚ you name it.”
  • “When we started Oracle‚ we took on all the big software companies and we did pretty well. When we built Siebel Systems‚ we took on all the large software companies – Oracle‚ SAP‚ IBM – and we did pretty well. In each of those markets‚ we established and maintained a market leadership position globally. We have about 100 million sensors under management today‚ which is 100 million more than anyone else in the market. So far we’re doing pretty well.”
  • “Cybersecurity is a critically important issue to which we do not pay enough attention‚ especially when you look at the threat that critical infrastructure is under. There is a myth‚ however‚ that somehow data are more secure behind our own firewall than they are in cyberspace. I would argue that the opposite is true. Data used to be secure in our own data rooms when it took a forklift to move a storage device. It no longer takes a forklift. I would suggest the only opportunity where we can really secure data – using encryption in avoiding penetration – is in cyberspace.”

Watch the Bloomberg Technology TV episode here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2016-11-01/the-security-risks-facing-the-internet-of-things