C3.ai CEO Tom Siebel keynoted Carnegie Mellon University’s Energy Week 2019‚ discussing the digital transformation of the energy industry. Addressing the assembled group of energy experts‚ academics‚ executives‚ and government officials‚ Siebel discussed how AI and IoT can increase reliability‚ cyber security‚ resilience‚ and safety‚ while reducing the environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

Drawing on his four decades of experience in information technology‚ Siebel shared his vision for digital transformation‚ highlighting how enterprise AI is boosting innovation and driving improvements in operational efficiency across all industries‚ from utilities and oil & gas to aerospace and defense.

Transforming the Energy Industry

In his keynote‚ Siebel discussed the economic‚ social‚ and environmental benefits that energy companies are realizing by deploying AI at industrial scale to accelerate digital transformation. Siebel highlighted C3.ai’s partnerships with energy giants Shell‚ Enel and ENGIE. These companies are engaged in enterprise-wide digital transformations using the C3 AI Suite. ENGIE’s digital transformation spans 24 business units in 70 countries. Both Shell and Enel are working with C3.ai as their strategic provider of AI platforms and applications across their respective enterprises.

During the Q&A‚ Siebel engaged in an active dialogue with the audience on the social implications of AI including cybersecurity‚ privacy‚ ethics‚ and the proper role of government in regulating these issues.

CMU Energy Week was held March 25–28 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh‚ PA.