C3.ai CEO Thomas M. Siebel was featured in the recent New York Times article “Microsoft Emerges as Clear No. 2 in Cloud Computing” by reporter Steve Lohr.

The article opens with Siebel’s perspectives as a veteran in Silicon Valley‚ working with companies as they adopted cloud computing. Just a few years ago‚ Lohr notes‚ Siebel “often faced skepticism when encouraging big companies to adopt internet-style cloud computing. Many companies‚ he said‚ had qualms about relying on the faraway data centers. Now his customers have a different concern: One cloud service isn’t enough.”

“They don’t want to be tied to one big tech company” Siebel is quoted as saying.

The article‚ which focuses on the emergence of Microsoft as a strong competitor to Amazon’s cloud computing business‚ highlights C3.ai’s ability to adapt to the growing demand for multiple cloud services‚ noting “After initially working closely with Amazon‚ a pioneer in cloud computing‚ C3.ai now also has a technology and marketing partnership with Microsoft. And it is negotiating a similar agreement with Google.”

Lohr states that although it looked like Amazon Web Services would “run away” with the cloud computing business‚ now “companies have decided that they don’t want to depend on Amazon alone and are spreading out their business.”

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