Fortune wrote about the new Siebel Center for Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – author Adam Lashinksy’s alma mater‚ as well as Tom Siebel’s.

The article states‚ “Siebel is funding a new‚ $50 million design-thinking-focused institute at the university that he hopes will be a place many disciplines can come together. “The big trend at universities is interdisciplinary efforts‚’ says Siebel‚ noting that graduate and advanced research programs like medicine and bioengineering have benefited from the trend. “The design school is the undergraduate version of interdisciplinary thinking.’”

Lashinksy praises Siebel’s business acumen throughout his career: “Being nimble enough to go from “customer relationship management software’ to energy monitoring to keeping track of sensors connected to the Internet is quite a feat. So is giving back to a public university in the Midwest that gave him his start.’

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