C3.ai CEO Tom Siebel keynoted McKinsey & Company’s 2019 IoT Summit North America‚ declaring digital transformation the single largest disruptor of our time. Siebel discussed the convergence of elastic cloud computing‚ big data‚ AI‚ and IoT‚ explaining how these technologies are driving the mass extinction of companies that fail to adapt‚ while creating enormous opportunities for those that embrace them.

Drawing on his experience as a leader in information technology for more than four decades‚ Siebel emphasized the corporate shift in IT decision-making from the CIO to the CEO. The CEO is now involved in digital strategy‚ mandating enterprise-wide digital transformation. In his keynote‚ Siebel profiled digital transformation success stories from multiple industries‚ including manufacturingoil & gasdefensebankingutilities‚ high tech‚ healthcare‚ aerospace‚ and defense.

A Mandate to Transform

Siebel urged attendees to use AI to solve previously unsolvable problems. He described the ways in which C3.ai is helping its customers develop and deploy AI solutions at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions‚ leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency‚ financial performance and customer satisfaction.

The McKinsey 2019 IoT Summit North America was held March 28-29 at Sundance Mountain Resort in Sundance‚ UT.