Tom Siebel recently visited CBS Interactive’s office in New York. Editor in Chief of ZDNet, Larry Dignan, has this to say in his video summary of their conversation:

“When I caught up with Tom Siebel to talk about his plan to build Internet of Things systems across multiple industries, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had never met Siebel before. I was familiar with his company, but I knew much more about his namesake CRM company that was gobbled up by Oracle back in 2006. Oracle bought Siebel after the acquisition of PeopleSoft to build out its applications business. What I found in Siebel was an engineer’s engineer. He thinks in systems and he thinks in architecture. He’s a billionaire, but he seems to be driven with his latest venture to do something big. He’s driven by his legacy. Siebel will have to think big because he’s running against GE, IBM, and a bevy of others in the Internet of Things market. What sticks out most to me about my talk with Siebel is that he said 2000 people can’t build good software. AWS, Oracle, and Siebel were initially built with 10-20 people. That’s a very interesting quote given that is going against giants. That quote is also interesting to note when you ponder big software deployments. In the software deployments I’ve seen, in-house software that has been built by big teams usually just falls apart. So Siebel is out to make his technology legacy. This should be fun to watch.”

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