Thomas Siebel received the 2016 Most Admired CEO Lifetime Achievement award from the San Francisco Business Times at a gala awards and dinner ceremony held in San Francisco last night.

“Tom embodies the attributes of exceptional leadership – strong values‚ clear vision‚ innovation‚ integrity‚ and community contribution. We are proud to honor his talent and passion for building strong‚ vibrant organizations and inspiring employees to ever-higher performance‚” said Publisher Mary Huss.

An editorial profile‚ “Siebel Aims to Do It All Again‚” about Siebel’s leadership‚ industry contributions‚ and vision for‚ published in the November 11th edition of the newspaper‚ offered these insights:

  • Standing on the brink of another potentially world-changing industry‚ [Siebel] aims to “become larger than the sum of all competitors combined.”
  • With‚ Siebel now finds himself vying for market position in an industry projected over the next decade to be worth $250 billion as companies race to equip buildings‚ homes‚ cars‚ and all manner of “things” with sensors and software analytics suites.
  • “ is well positioned within the evolving “Big Data stack’ sought by companies in a variety of industries with ever-growing volumes of operational data to parse‚” said investor and board director Nehal Raj‚ a partner with TPG Capital.
  • Once again [Siebel] is on the ground floor of an industry that’s poised for exponential growth.
  • His ambitions remain untamed. Siebel’s not aiming for a mere slice of the IoT market‚ or even the most profitable one. His stated objective is global dominance in the Internet of Things: to “become larger than the sum of all competitors combined.”
  • Siebel has a track record of beating multinationals to new markets. “In emerging markets‚ these behemoths don’t tend to do so well‚” Siebel said. “Large companies tend to miss transitions.”
  • “When you’re in emerging markets‚ the leader gets to set the rules‚” Siebel said‚ citing the examples of Siebel Systems and Oracle. Staying ahead of the herd is crucial to establishing enduring models for pricing‚ licensing‚ distribution‚ and other pillars of future deals in the space.
  • [Pat] House describes day-to-day life inside Siebel’s companies as “a high performance culture.” She said many talented employees have bought in over the years‚ following Siebel from Oracle‚ to Siebel Systems‚ and‚ now‚ to “Much of our team has remained consistent across those three companies‚” House said. “That tells a lot about a person‚ doesn’t it?”

Patricia House‚ Siebel’s long-time colleague‚ collaborator‚ and friend‚ presented the 2016 Most Admired CEO Lifetime Achievement award to Siebel during the publication’s ceremony on Thursday night. She noted‚ “Tom leads by example in all regards – his work ethic‚ quality of work product‚ commitment to customer success‚ and high levels of professionalism. Tom’s leadership at Oracle‚ Siebel Systems‚ and now is characterized by his unwavering commitment to building global companies known for excellence‚ quality‚ integrity‚ and performance.”

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