In “100M Sensors Under Management: Emerges From 8 Years in Development‚” EnterpriseTech provides an in-depth look at‚ its enterprise software pedigree‚ and path to leadership in the fast-emerging AI‚ predictive analytics‚ and IoT market.

EnterpriseTech includes commentary from Con Edison‚ which has standardized on the C3 Platform as the enterprise analytics foundation for reducing operating costs and ensuring the operational health of the largest active deployment of smart meters in the U.S.

“We’re going to be implementing different types of analytics to see what we can do to conserve energy‚” Jamie Prettitore‚ Con Edison’s director‚ Advanced Metering Infrastructure‚ told EnterpriseTech. “It will allow us to more efficiently operate the power grid. If we can reduce energy delivery throughout the system by 1.5 percent – that may not sound like much – but it adds up to several hundred million dollars over 20 years and a fair amount of carbon reductions as well.”

EnterpriseTech also highlights important aspects of’s technology and business performance:

  • “The company already has nearly two dozen large-scale IoT analytics implementations under way‚ in the U.S. and Europe … with more than 100 million sensors and devices under management‚ making it the world’s largest provider of large-scale big data‚ predictive analytics and IoT applications.”
  • “Siebel and hit the market with pedigree and credibility.”
  • “Last month‚ reported a year-over-year revenue increase of 65 percent and a bookings increase of 600 percent‚ and that it’s cash-positive for FY 2017.”
  • “ competitors are likely at least 2-3 years behind from a product development stand point‚ while all of’s competitors have a huge amount of catching up to do in terms of customers and devices under management.”
  • “At the heart of the technology stack is the C3 Type System‚ designed to overcome the Babel-like interoperability complexities inherent in large-scale IoT implementations.”

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