Team registration is open and closes in COVID-19 Grand Challenge

Form Your Team

If you do not already have a team and want to be part of one or build your own, visit the COVID-19 Grand Challenge Community and post/respond to a message.

Find your team in the Community


Once you have established your team, register to participate in the COVID-19 Grand Challenge and get access to the COVID-19 Data Lake.


Develop and Submit Your Solution

As you develop your submission, keep in mind the submission requirements. Submit your work through your team portal, which will become available after registration. Submissions are due before November 18, 11:59 pm Pacific.

Submission Requirements
  • Questionnaire (200 words max.)

    • Briefly describe the broader goals of your project. (40 words)​
    • What specific problem are you trying to solve for this submission? (40 words)​
    • Briefly describe your approach. (60 words)​
    • What makes your project unique? (40 words)​
    • What is the potential impact of your results in the fight against COVID-19? (20 words)​
  • Non-Technical Abstract (100 words max.)

    A compelling summary of your submission, composed for a general audience.

  • Descriptive Paper (1,000 words max., suggested breakdown below)

    • Introduction (100 words)
    • Problem Description (100 words)
    • Broad Approach (200 words)
    • Technical Details of Approach (400 words)
    • Results (100 words)
    • Impact (100 words)
  • Demo video (60-120 seconds)

    A creative expression of the solution, designed to sell it, while explaining:​

    • Demo your project and the API’s used to run it.
    • Make sure to explain the problem being solved and walk-through how your solution works.
    • Touch on your results and the potential impact of these results on COVID-19.
  • Source Code (or link to GitHub Repository)

    The top 25 solutions will be code-reviewed to assure quality​.

  • List of Data Sources Used:

    • At least two datasets used must be from the COVID-19 Data Lake.
    • All datasets must be open-access and links to any external datasets must be provided.