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Improve Operational Efficiency, Increase Customer Engagement, and Mitigate Risk

C3 AI helps banks use all relevant data sources to underpin machine learning models that rapidly generate predictive insights, enhance historical rules-based banking systems, improve critical compliance and operational processes, and transform customer experiences.

Banking Value Chain

Applications Anti-Money Laundering

Reduce regulatory exposure, risk, and investigation costs by accurately identifying, prioritizing, and reporting suspicious activity. C3 AI Anti-Money Laundering uses supervised machine learning algorithms to analyze data from multiple systems to increase accuracy rates in flagging suspicious activity while reducing the number of false positives.
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Leverage real-time AI/machine learning to drive operational excellence and improve profitability across sales, marketing, and customer service. C3 AI CRM delivers AI-generated forecasts and scores in real time using insights from internal and external data sets.
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Use Cases

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Intraday Liquidity Management

Identify globally optimal liquidity positions in real time to satisfy payment and settlement obligations, and regulatory requirements. Machine learning-based stochastic optimization techniques use real-time data for agile liquidity management.

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Credit Approval Process Optimization

Reduce exposure to credit risk and loss through early identification of conditions that may affect consumer or commercial risk profiles. Maintain a comprehensive data view to accurately assess risk while streamlining credit approval.

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Trade Surveillance

Detect suspicious trading behavior indicative of market misconduct. Advanced machine learning algorithms correlate all structured and unstructured trading-relevant data and drive contextual analysis to enforce policy compliance.

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Securities Lending Optimization

Prioritize securities locate requests by expected availability, likelihood of fulfillment, and potential profitability. AI algorithms also predict likelihood of lender recall events for every security-lender combination and learn from recall events to make better predictions over time.

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Customer Profitability Optimization

Improve profitability of customer mix, lower customer attrition rate, and increase efficiency of retention activities. Supervised machine learning models analyze customer attributes, behavior, and external factors to determine churn risk and the most effective intervention for each customer.

Address uses cases with the C3 AI Suite

The C3 AI Suite is a purpose-built platform for developing and operating AI applications that address industry and company-specific use cases. It offers a cohesive, low-code/no-code development environment with a complete and comprehensive set of tools and services to design, build, deploy, and operate advanced, enterprise-scale AI applications.

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Rick S

Rick S

Vice Chairman, Technology Investment Banking

"The applications break outside of the bounds of the IT department, and impact how you do business across every industry."

Luuk Besselink
Luuk Besselink

Luuk Besselink

Managing Consultant

"Ortec decided to partner with C3 AI because we see C3 AI as the missing link in deploying end user applications in data science."

Donald Rye
Donald Rye

Donald Rye

Chief Account Technologist

“Working with C3 AI is fun, it's about the best way to describe it.”

Proven results in weeks, not years

Get insights into C3 AI’s capabilities, enterprise AI best practices, and highest-value use cases.
Gain insights into the C3 AI Suite's capabilities, its model-driven architecture, and test it against your company's sample data set.
Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with the C3 AI team to rapidly build an AI application that solves it.
Scale and deploy a tested C3 AI application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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