SiliconANGLE highlights CEO Tom Siebel as its Guest of the Week in a feature article called Industry Vet Tom Siebel: Big Tech Trends Are a Means to an AI End.”

The article captures Siebel’s perspective as a 40-year technology business veteran and serial entrepreneur on the big tech trends enabling enterprise digital transformation – big data‚ cloud computing‚ AI‚ machine learning‚ and IoT.

Excerpts include:

  • “People think big data is the fact that an exabyte is more than a gigabyte. That’s not it‚” Siebel said. Big data means data in its entirety; previously‚ analytics were confined to data samples. With elastic cloud infrastructure‚ limits on compute and storage have disappeared so that there is no sampling now. All data can be analyzed for prediction. “It’s a whole different game‚” Siebel added.
  • Companies that work intelligence from data into the business models are the future‚ and executives know this. They see what Uber Technologies has done to transportation without a single vehicle to its name. Using data and technology in the way that disruptive startups have is the digital transformation imperative‚ he added.
  • Things are far different today. In their fever to ward off disruption‚ many companies have hired chief digital officers. “The chief digital officer reports to the CEO every week‚” Siebel said. Digital transformation has moved IT out of the back room and into the boardroom. “It’s a CEO-driven initiative‚” he added.

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