Best Practices in Ongoing Operations

Marketing Program Achievements and Reporting Success

In planning for the successful launch of a new machine learning program, it is critical to engage with corporate marketing to publish accomplishments across the enterprise. Marketing the achievements of the program drives talent recruiting externally and technology adoption internally.

As the machine learning and software development team grows in the organization, it needs to be able to recruit talent from universities with strong computer science, mathematics, and statistics programs. This may be a new talent pool within an organization. Widespread marketing of the machine learning program’s successes will help raise brand awareness among people with these skills.

Marketing content can demonstrate the value and benefits of the machine learning program and encourage end users to feel pride in this new way of working. As an example, the following figure illustrates Shell’s marketing of their AI efforts on their website as part of their program.


Figure 40 Global energy company Shell advertises the Artificial Intelligence program directly on their website under Energy and Innovation

In addition to direct economic value captured by the machine learning program, an organization implementing a new digital transformation initiative can drive economic performance through analyst reporting and the financial community. Reporting on the machine learning program tells the investment community that meaningful changes in ways of working are taking place and highlights a roadmap for further developments.