Maximize Asset Availability with Enterprise AI

The average age of the USAF aircraft fleet is 28 years. A 2020 report from GAO found that out of 46 aircraft types across all military branches, only 3 met their annual mission capable goals. Other military assets such as ships, trucks, and tanks also struggled to maintain prescribed operational readiness levels. These challenges are often caused by unplanned repairs since existing systems can’t accurately anticipate critical equipment failures.

C3 AI Readiness provides maintenance and logistics teams across government agencies with a comprehensive set of AI-enabled diagnostics and operational tools to identify degraded systems, subsystems, and components through machine learning algorithms designed to monitor sensors and signals.

This eBook highlights:

  • The readiness challenge
  • The role of data in predicting failures
  • The benefits of AI-driven maintenance operations
  • How to maintain assets with the right part at the right time
  • Examples of Readiness-in-Action