Digital Enterprise Platform
for AI & IoT

Built using a unique cloud-native, model-driven architecture, the C3 Platform and suite of proven cross-industry machine learning software applications deliver end-to-end solutions across any value chain.

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C3 PlatformTM

Platform as a Service

A cloud-based, extensible software platform for deploying industrial-scale AI and IoT applications. The C3 Platform allows data scientists, analysts, and developers to rapidly deploy custom apps, integrate with existing ones, connect data streams, and manage it all from anywhere.

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C3 Platform

C3 ApplicationsTM

Cross-Industry Software Solutions

Built on the C3 Platform, C3 Applications aggregate volumes of disparate data from enterprise systems and external sources; apply advanced AI / machine-learning algorithms for rigorous, predictive, and continuous analysis; and present actionable insights to solve business challenges like asset uptime and inventory optimization.

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C3 Applications

C3 Enterprise Data LakeTM

Distributed Data Store

A data repository that unifies disparate data from across the enterprise and extraprise into a scalable, distributed, secure, cloud infrastructure for data scientists, application developers, and analysts. C3 Enterprise Data Lake supports a multitude of fit-for-purpose data stores, and is easily extendable to provide the functionality of the C3 Platform.

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C3 Enterprise Data Lake


Turnkey Projects in 6 to 12 Weeks

C3 provides trials of the C3 Applications, C3 Platform, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3 professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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