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C3 AI Ex Machina Benefits to You


Establish a shared and trusted data foundation fast

by connecting, unifying, and sharing data from business apps, data lakes, and siloed datastores.

Access Data

Access any first- and third-party data with connectors to common datastores (e.g., Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle)

Work with common data formats including structured, semi-structured, timeseries, and graph

Collaborate with Data

Save project inputs and outputs as Ex Machina datasets and maintain dataset version & lineage

Share datasets & connections to data sources across your organization


Explore and analyze data

with the benefits of AutoML with an easy-to-use and unified user experience.

Profile, Prepare, & Explore Data

Validate data with automated detection of missing, mismatched, and outlier data

Unify, prep, and clean messy data with out-of-the-box functions (e.g., join, filter, search replace)

Analyze & Visualize Data

Profile and visualize data with charts including scatter, combo, and geospatial at any step in the workflow

Connect to common BI tools for additional exploration and reporting


C3 AI Ex Machina

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Share and re-use datasets,

pipelines, machine learning models, and entire predictive analytics projects flexibly and securely as a team.

Share with Security

Easily add new editors, viewers, and administrators

Share data, workflows, and ML models and collaborate with others across your organization


Maintain access controls to ensure data and projects remain secure


Scale with ease and operationalize insights

on a cloud native, dynamically elastic platform that can handle all your data and send insights to all your business apps.


Work quickly and easily in a distributed, cloud-native web application

Scale a workspace from 16GB to 1PB+ with one click

Operationalize Analytics

Schedule projects to update and run automatically

Generate and send alerts based on project outputs

Report on findings by sharing dashboards, charts, and tables


Work in one, unified platform

that unites analytics and machine learning to provide more powerful and actionable insights.

Complete Analytics

Create a unified, federated view of all your data

Visualize data and share up-to-the-minute insights using visual dashboards

Perform simple and complex arithmetic and run advanced statistical tests

High Performance Machine Learning

Automatically train, optimize, and scale machine learning models with AutoML

Evaluate comprehensive model metrics to understand, explain, and trust machine learning outputs

Create, deploy, and monitor model performance

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