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C3 AI Law Enforcement​

C3 AI Law Enforcement is an integrated, AI-powered intelligence analysis platform for enhancing public safety. The application enables analysts, investigators, and uniformed officers to efficiently aggregate, access, explore, and manage otherwise disparate structured and unstructured datasets to derive investigative insights in near real-time.


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Demonstrated Benefits


Accelerated investigations and case clearances


Comprehensive evidence and justified recommendations


Situational awareness for the entire workforce​

AI-powered law enforcement for the 21st century​

Pain point​
C3 AI Law Enforcement Solution​

Disparate and unconnected data sources

Unified, federated data image traverses multiple critical data feeds​

Messy, untrustworthy data​

Native data veracity algorithms detect false data and recommend solutions

Reactive, ad-hoc intelligence analysis​

AI-powered, proactive intelligence analysis

Manual intelligence research and investigation​

Responsible AI boosts investigation accuracy and efficiency​

Inefficient collaboration​

In-app user collaboration enables a cohesive workforce​

Customer Viewpoints

Todd Probert

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"C3 AI has been a great partner in our endeavor to use AI and ML to make sense of the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield."

Eric Grant Thumbnail
Erik G.

Erik G.

Business Area Chief Engineer

“C3 AI has a mature product that's already proven itself in the commercial market.”

Zico Kolter thumbnail
Zico Kolter

Zico Kolter

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department

“I really like seeing a single platform that enables a very broad use of AI applications, and a way to let people write their own algorithms on top of this unified architecture.”

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