Reduce Unplanned Downtime, Increase Asset Availability, and Improve Safety

Key Capabilities

AI-based asset risk predictions

AI-based asset risk predictions

AI-based asset risk predictions
  • Proactively assess real-time asset health and perform root cause analysis
  • Contextualize asset and system behavior with thousands of features
  • Prioritize maintenance activities for planned maintenance windows based on failure predictions
Prioritized early warnings

Prioritized early warnings

Prioritized early warnings
  • Identify anomalies using next-generation deep learning and machine learning algorithms
  • Prioritize issues and reduce the number of false alerts through AI/ML
  • Early warning of asset risks months ahead of time
System-level risk

System-level risk

System-level risk
  • Identify equipment and process issues that impact system-level health and performance
  • Scale application rapidly with an industry agnostic approach across any type of facility or asset fleet
  • Determine relationships between independent systems by modeling individual sensors contribution to system health
Failure mode identification and mitigation

Failure mode identification and mitigation

Failure mode identification and mitigation
  • AI/ML interpretability to explain factors contributing to asset risks
  • Identify failure modes using codified domain expertise with cross-industry diagnostic libraries
  • Prescribe remediation actions to guide engineers in rapid risk resolution
Closed-loop workflows

Closed-loop workflows

Closed-loop workflows
  • Streamline workflows across software tools by launching work orders in existing CMMS systems
  • Collaborate across the organization with operator, engineer, and manager views
  • Aggregate data to view all relevant data for interdependent assets and equipment
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C3 AI Predictive Maintenance can be deployed across all types of assets, equipment, and industries.


Asset Fleet

Process Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing

Utility Grid

Telecom Network

Equipment Examples










Industrial Manufacturing

Oil & Gas


Aerospace & Defense


Financial Services



Benefits for Application Users

Maintenance Engineer

Quickly and effectively address maintenance risks. Prioritize work-order queues to address highest-impact risks first, leverage failure mode and part recommendations, and collaborate with planners and operators.


Increase operational availability and improve asset performance. Align operations with asset risks, collaborate with planners to adjust schedules, and enable engineers to address risks..

Maintenance Planner

Reduce unplanned failures and improve asset life. Identify asset risks early on, optimize maintenance schedules, ensure spare part availability, and mobilize technicians.

Data and Architecture