AI Software to Predict Failures and Minimize Downtime

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Benefits for Maintainers and Sustainers

Product Capabilities


Maintenance Schedule & Part Lifecycle Optimization

Optimize maintenance schedules based on all available data—Not only operational hours

C3 AI Readiness Software

  • Schedule maintenance at the right time with the right parts using the C3 AI Survival Analysis Module
  • Forecast remaining life for every part, based on all available data—including fleet trends, operational theater, weather, and mission profile
  • Track components and schedule maintenance based on expected remaining life and potential impact of downtime
  • Keep maintenance recommendations up-to-date with results that update automatically as new data arrive
  • Reallocate maintenance hours lost to interval or unnecessary part replacements to most critically unavailable assets


Subsystem & Component Failure Predictions

Identify at-risk subsystems and components before they fail

C3 AI Readiness Software

  • Use AI-based failure prediction algorithms to quantify the risk and impact of subsystem failures before they occur
  • Receive sufficient advance notice of subsystem and component failure to ensure parts are available when needed
  • Aggregate risk at the fleet, aircraft, system, and subsystem levels


Part Inventory Level Optimization

Deliver spare parts to maintainers before aircraft fail

C3 AI Readiness Software

  • Improve part demand forecasts with insights from AI-based predictive maintenance and MTBF modules
  • Update part demand information using dynamic forecasts that refresh automatically as operating conditions and mission profiles change
  • Aggregate part demand across the fleet to optimize supply chains


Generative AI-Powered Enterprise Search

Accelerate time to insight

C3 AI Readiness Software

  • Rapidly locate, retrieve, and present relevant data from your enterprise maintenance reports, engineer bulletins, technical manuals, and other documentation
  • Investigate fleet health from the search bar to verify current asset status and validate updates
  • Capitalize on the breadth of historical documentation and application data to inform root-cause analysis and resolution guidance

Custom Capabilities

Customers can extend C3 AI Readiness capabilities with the C3 AI Platform

Data integration

Add custom data sources by configuring additional integration pipelines.

Machine Learning

Develop, deploy, and operate unique AI models for risk detection and generative AI-enabled search.

Application Development

Add new screens and interfaces to the base application.


Address unique operating infrastructure or security requirements.

Data and Architecture


C3 AI is a trusted custodian of customer data. We implement policies and undergo regular certification to ensure that customer data, applications, and infrastructure remain secure. Learn more about our security practices.

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