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Product Offerings

C3 AI Readiness improves fleet management and maintenance operations. Customers that do not require the full set of functionality, however, can deploy select capabilities. See options below.

Multi-factor, Dynamic MTBF Optimization
  • Optimize maintenance schedules for critical components
  • Multi-source data visibility
  • Component remaining life tracking
Subsystem & Component Failure Predictions
  • High-priority subsystem failure risk predictions
  • Part recommendation engine
  • Component tracking by serial number
  • Anomaly detection for telemetered components
Part Inventory Level Optimization
  • Base-level part demand forecasting
  • Inventory data visibility and planning
  • Spare part inventory optimization
Custom Capabilities

Customers can purchase tailored offerings to meet custom requirements—e.g., operating infrastructure, cyber-security accreditation, and target aircraft system features. Tailored offerings are specified during procurement process.

Schedule a Scoping Workshop

Schedule a full-day workshop with the C3 AI Readiness team to discuss:

  • Application requirements
  • Data integration plan
  • IT accreditation requirements and considerations
  • Task Order Effective Date and Period of Performance

By the end of the workshop, C3 AI and the customer will have scoped the deployment and produced a Draft Task Order for the customer to submit to the appropriate Agreements Officer Representative.

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