C3 Inventory OptimizationTM

Use enterprise-scale AI / machine learning to optimize inventory and service levels across the supply chain in real-time

C3 Inventory Optimization

C3 Inventory Optimization uses advanced AI / machine learning and optimization techniques to help manufacturers effectively manage inventory levels in real-time across purchase parts, components and finished goods. C3 Inventory Optimization provides customers the ability to optimize their inventory levels dynamically so they are better prepared for uncertainties in future.

Existing inventory optimization solutions are often significantly constrained in their ability to use large volumes of data and make recommendations in real-time, and typically operate using hard-coded rules. C3 Inventory Optimization, on the other hand, leverages advanced AI / machine learning algorithms to learn continually from data including production orders, purchase orders, material movement codes, and supplier deliveries.

Using C3 Inventory Optimization, manufacturers are able to reduce working capital while maintaining confidence that they will not run out of stock. The application also provides stocking recommendations for finished goods to ensure appropriate levels of FGI are available to meet market demand.

Key Functionality

  • Real-time recommendations by using data from multiple, disparate sources to optimize re-order parameters by part and by location.
  • Ability to scale to millions of parts and optimize inventory levels at different production locations across a manufacturer’s global supply chain.
  • Optimization by confidence-level by specifying the level of maximum acceptable risk of stock-out.
  • Ability to create ‘What-if’ scenarios and understand potential business implications of changing reorder parameters before committing the changes to the system.
  • Live optimization with real time bi-directional data integration connecting to source systems to update reorder parameters.

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business value


  • Reduction in inventory holding costs and improvement in cash flow without compromising part availability
  • Improved visibility of critical uncertainties such as variability in demand, supplier order delivery times, and production line disruptions
  • Improved ability to manage and negotiate with suppliers
data sources


  • Production planning system data such as production orders, operations history
  • Inventory management system with daily inventory levels, re-order parameters, material movement
  • Bill of Materials with time-varying relationship between parts, assemblies, and finished products
  • Supplier order management system with supplier lead times, shipping costs
  • Factory calendaring system with schedule for machines at factory


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