At Structure 2017‚ the premier cloud computing conference held this week in San Francisco‚ renowned journalist Katie Fehrenbacher sat down in a keynote fireside chat with Thomas Siebel‚ technology pioneer and CEO‚ for an incisive Q&A session about the opportunities and challenges presented by AI at enterprise scale and the opportunity and threats to enterprises from technological disruption.

Siebel highlighted a set of disruptive new technology vectors – elastic cloud computing‚ big data‚ AI‚ and IoT – driving the digital transformation of organizations across all industries. AI represents a class of computations previously unattainable‚ Siebel explained‚ to develop self-learning algorithms to perform precise predictive analytics for a wide variety of use cases‚ including predictive maintenance‚ fraud detection‚ supply chain optimization‚ customer engagement‚ and more.

The enterprise world is confronting a mass extinction event such that organizations that fail to transform will cease to exist‚ Siebel concluded.

Structure 2017 brought together the industry’s brightest thought leaders to discuss the critical issues associated with next-generation AI and IoT applications that are putting unprecedented demands on public and private networks. Speakers included leaders from Accenture‚ Amazon Web Services‚ Box‚ Google‚ Uber‚ and more. Media influencers from ArchiTECHtBusiness InsiderFortune‚ MIT Technology Review‚ and others covered the event.

“.@C3IoT CEO Tom Siebel killing it at #Structure2017. His keynote alone worth the price of entry‚” tweeted attendee @pmullen.