C3 AI Platform


Unify disparate enterprise and external data


Integrate disparate data sources rapidly with the C3 AI Platform. Equipped with over 200 connectors to enterprise and external databases, tools, and applications, the C3 AI Platform offers data engineers and scientists seamless access to and consistent integration across diverse structured and unstructured data.​


Tailor how data is loaded to meet specific needs. Data engineers can leverage prebuilt canonical data models or author custom source system connections to load data directly to the C3 AI Platform.​


Accelerate data preparation with over 200 pre-built data transformations. Optimized for enterprise-scale workloads and workforces, the library is easily shareable to drive collaboration between data engineers with the ability to customize transformations using Python or JavaScript. Common pre-built transformations include aggregations, window functions, text manipulation, and anomaly detection.


Powerful and reliable multi-database persistence enables effective storage, management, and usage of structured and unstructured data. Data engineers can use persistence technologies including key value stores, NoSQL storage, RDBMS, and distributed file systems.


Data virtualization capabilities help organizations leverage existing data and machine learning investments, eliminating the need for duplication.​ On the C3 AI Platform, developers can create virtual unified data images, infer metadata from source schemas, keep compute workloads in more optimal runtimes, and invoke analytics to explore and analyze data.​

Streaming Data

Unlock AI insights in near real-time with robust capabilities to integrate, process, analyze, and manage streaming data. Data engineers can connect data from various business units and integrate with popular streaming systems such as Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, and Azure EventHub to enable near real-time analytics and model inference.​

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